About Da Boon

From Safety to Storefront


Founder and designer, Julian de Nijs, has always had a passion for pups. Growing up, his family owned 2 beloved golden retrievers, Maddy and Misha. As a young teen with social anxiety, dogs provided Julian comfort in the pivotal times of his youth. Julian has always had a soft spot for dogs, taking care of other people’s precious pups since he was 15. Once Rover came out, Julian was quick to jump on the opportunity to do what he loves in his spare time. With his many years of experience in dog handling, Julian familiarized himself with all the different equipment and toys on the market.

In the summertime, Julian would walk Riley at night to avoid the daytime heat. This came with the risk of Riley not being visible to drivers on the dimly lit streets they took. Riley’s safety inspired Julian to design a reflective leash that allowed Riley to be seen by traffic on even the darkest nights. Enter: Da Boon.

Boon /bo͞on/ noun; a thing that is helpful or beneficial.

Da Boon was founded on a desire to see pets safe. It has since evolved to be a small provider of quality pet products for your four-pawed family members. Da Boon is continuing to expand to provide you with a whole host of necessities, enrichment toys, and safety products for your favorite dogs.

Julian graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, double majoring in electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, and minoring in computer science. With a knack for inventing, Julian wanted to create a product that prioritizes first-rate craftsmanship and the safety of your furry friend.

  • High Visibility

    Our reflective strips are ANSI-certified, meeting the High-Visibility Safety Apparel Standard used by first responders and construction workers.

  • Made to Last

    Double stitched, guaranteed to stay put. Made from lightweight and durable nylon, resistant to mildew and aging, ensuring long-lasting performance. 

  • 10 Year Warranty

    At Da Boon, we believe in our products. But we want to give you that extra peace of mind with our 10 year warranty. *Da Boon Original products only.

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